Monday, November 23, 2015

Got A Little Carried Galway

      This past weekend, we went on a day trip to Galway (a county south of Mayo) for some shopping. On Saturday morning, we went down to the bus stop for our 8:50 bus. Westport was basically a ghost town. We have found out that people around here aren't really "morning people". After our two hour bus ride, we finally made it to Galway. 
    Right as we left the bus station, we saw the Christmas in the park. It was the first weekend that Galway had their annual Christmas in the park set up. There were different booths set up selling everything from ornaments to fudge to knitted scarfs and waffles. After going around to the different booths, we made out way to the mall. 
     Our first stop was TK Maxx. (No, I did not make an error. Haha. They call it TK Maxx here, not TJ Maxx!) the store was huge! It was just like TJ Maxx, but two stories! We were in heaven! 
     We also went to a store called Penny's. It felt like Black Friday in this store; there were so many people! This was probably because Penny's is AMAZING!! They have everything you could possibly ever need for a very small price. I got a knitted scarf that would probably cost $15-$20 for only €2! (Good news for all shopoholics: Apparently they are expanding to America!)
     After getting dinner, we made our way back towards the bus station. On our way, we stopped to listen to an acapella group singing Christmas carols. They sounded amazing! Since it was close, we stopped at Christmas in the park again to see the lights before we headed to our bus. It was great to be able to see all of the lights and everything ready for Christmas! It really put me in the Christmas spirit! 

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