Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Miles 'o Mutton

       Monday morning at 11:00, I left Henderson to head to the Nashville airport. After saying our goodbyes to our families, the four other student teachers (Gretchen, Emma, Presley, and Victoria) and I left Nashville to go to Dublin (with a layover in Chicago). When arriving in Dublin, we were welcomed by an Inspire Learning assistant, Hannah. She showed us to the train station and told us a lot of information that we may need to know or may find useful.
(When I was talking to Hannah, she kept talking about biscuits. Come to find out, she wasn't talking about biscuits; she was talking about cookies. They call cookies biscuits over here in Ireland.)
After Hannah showed us to the Dublin Houston train station, we thanked her and boarded the train. 

       If I could describe our 3 hour train ride from Dublin to Westport in one word, it would be: SHEEP! There were sheep everywhere! For miles and miles, green hilly pastures and sheep were all that was seen. There were black sheep, white, sheep, and even sheep that had been tagged with different color spray paint. 

      We finally arrived in Westport!! When we found the cab driver who was sent to get us, he could not believe how much luggage we had between the five of us. People in the car next to us joked, "Ya staying til Christmas??" 

     Jana, our supervisor here in Westport, showed us how to get to school in the morning, showed us around town, and took us to the grocery store, after our arrival.  We have finally unpacked our bags and settled in. It is 8:15 pm here! I am extremely tired from our long day of travel. Tomorrow is a big day: our first day of school! I'm having many mixed emotions: nervousness, excitement, worry... 

Check in tomorrow to see how my first day at The Quay (apparently pronounced like "key") goes! 

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