Friday, November 20, 2015

Let's Play Ball!

      Today, I was able to take the fourth class outside to play baseball! They remembered all of the rules that were taught on Wednesday and were thrilled to be able to actually play. Although it was slightly different from a real baseball game (considering we played on concrete instead of a baseball field, used a tennis ball instead of a baseball, cones instead of bases, and no one had a baseball glove), the students still got a feel for the game. 
        The game was off to a rocky start when the defenders were throwing the ball to third base instead of first after the ball was hit. After explaining that the batter runs to first base after hitting the ball, the students starting getting the hang of the game. I was impressed (and proud) when a student tagged a runner out at second base and threw it to the first baseman for a double play! 
        At the bottom of the third inning, when it began to rain (which was no surprise), we decided the person who was up to bat would be the last batter of the game. After swinging and missing twice, he was determined to hit the ball on his next swing. Not only did he hit the ball, but he hit it on top of the school building! HOMERUN! All of the students on his team were jumping up and down and screaming, as was I! I was super impressed! The students ended up doing a fantastic job and absolutely LOVED being able to play baseball.   
          When I went to their classroom later in the day, they wanted to know when we would be able to play again or if I was there to teach them more about baseball. It was such a fun day, not only for the students, but for me, as well! 

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